Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Embarassing Moment In My Life

The most embarrassing moment in my life is when I entered the wrong toilet. It supposed to be entering the ladies room, but entered the gentlemen room. It happened when I am hurriedly to pee. I am hurriedly pay for the toilet until I forget that the ladies room was at left, but I entered the right side that is gentlemen room.
In the toilet there it was no people there, because of that I am thinking I was right. Then, I go pee at the toilet. When I finished, there are men were going to zip out his trouser to pee. Then the men and I were screamed out loudly. Then I am hurriedly going out from the room.
When I am out then I realized that I got entered the wrong rest room. For the lesson is, next time I will always able in calm and not be hurriedly like that moment anymore.

'If Only I listen....'

If only I listen my mother advice, I wouldn’t be like now. I now in Hospital Sungai Buloh, because I had broke my leg, my body full of scratches.  
He beginning of the story is when I, stubborn to ride my motorcycle. My mother said don’t ride motorcycle because I did not have license, motorcycle road tax has been expired, and the most worst is I did not wear a helmet. It is occurring when I am at traffic light, the traffic light showed green light. Then, I crossed, suddenly there are ‘crazy’ car driver that crossed the road even the traffic light was at red light. Then the car crashed me. The driver was been arrested at police office at Sungai Plong and my parent has been questioned by the officer.
From that accident, my mother won’t ever allow me to ride motorcycle even I have my license, motorcycle road tax has been okay, and I wear a helmet.


Love is blind. That’s the words that are related to love. It is true that love is blind. From my opinion I think the phrase ‘Love is blind’ is true because people willingly sacrifice anything even their life to protect their love.
Love is about a special relationship that relate with feeling between a girl and a boy. Love are ‘thing’ that very difficult to describe about it. But with love can destroy someone. For nowadays cases there are too many people commit suicide just because their boyfriend or girlfriend dishonest with them. So pity.
For the conclusion, we must not too believe to someone. Get know to them first, investigate about their background, how their family life and about their attitude.


Everyone is a member of a family. Like me also, I have family tree. The base is my father, his name is Jalaludin bin Mohd. Daud. My mother’s name is Norafizah binti Mohamad Raduan. I have one brother and one sister. My brother’s name is Muhammad Danial bin Jalaludin. He is in form 3 and will be stand for PMR on this October. My sister’s name is Nur Safiyyah binti Jalaludin. She is in standard 2.
I also have a big family from my father side also my mother side. From my father side, I have 7 uncles and 5 aunts. I also have 55 cousins. From my mother side, I have 1 uncle and 4 aunt and 6 cousins.
That’s all for my writing today about my family. I hope my family happiness will last still forever.

What I did During Last School Holiday

Last school holiday was celebration for Muslim people, which is Hari Raya Day. It was a celebration after one month Muslim people fasting. All Malaysian love Hari Raya Day because it was a holiday for all Malaysian even for the non-Muslim people.
Like always during the morning of Hari Raya Day. All the Muslim will go to mosque to perform Hari Raya Pray including me. I always perform it with my family. After that we will breakfast together. But, during Hari Raya our menu for breakfast a little bit special, that is we have ‘Lemang’, ‘Ketupat’, ‘Rendang’, ‘Kuah Lodeh’, and so on.
After breakfast we will unite with all my relatives and ask for forgiveness among each other. After that, we will leave to Johor to visit my relatives there. That’s all that I do in 1st  Hari Raya Day.

My Best Friend

Everybody has best friend, right. Just like me I also has my best friend. I have  best friend since I am still in kindergarten. My best friend during kindergarten is Alia. She is the tallest girl in my class. She is very nice. Now, I had lost contact with her. The latest news that I know is now she is study at MRSM Pekan, Pahang.
In primary school, I have a lot of friend like Laila, Syahira, Nadia, Puteri, Fatin, Aqilah, Batrisyia, Ain, and so on. They always help me whenever I am in trouble. Like Syahira, she is a very good listener. Although, we love to fight each other but we always become good again a few minutes after we fight.
In secondary school, I also get know too many friends. The person that I get to know is Farah Nini, Anura, Intan, Afifah, Farhana, Amira, Syahida, Syazwani and many more. Most of them are from different primary school. They are also very intelligent girl.