Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Embarassing Moment In My Life

The most embarrassing moment in my life is when I entered the wrong toilet. It supposed to be entering the ladies room, but entered the gentlemen room. It happened when I am hurriedly to pee. I am hurriedly pay for the toilet until I forget that the ladies room was at left, but I entered the right side that is gentlemen room.
In the toilet there it was no people there, because of that I am thinking I was right. Then, I go pee at the toilet. When I finished, there are men were going to zip out his trouser to pee. Then the men and I were screamed out loudly. Then I am hurriedly going out from the room.
When I am out then I realized that I got entered the wrong rest room. For the lesson is, next time I will always able in calm and not be hurriedly like that moment anymore.

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